Q & A

– Q & A –
Here are some things you might be wondering about.

      Do you do chemical experiments with the children?

    Nope, this is a physics program so you won’t have to worry about any mess or dangers.  No liquids or dry ice in your home, this is a different kind of program.

It’s an interactive show, a fun presentation that features five topics from the world of science.  And I make it cool and exciting for them.

I use helpers from the audience (the Birthday Boy or Girl is always first) to assist in our demonstrations, so be sure to have a camera handy.  You’re always welcome to video the show to watch again later.

      Do they get anything to take home?

The fun doesn’t stop after the show.  Everyone gets their own copy of Jerry’s Science Sheet which explains just what we did at the show.  In it, they’ll find related experiments that they can do at home with mom or dad.

Plus they all get a science-related trick to keep and try on their friends!  The show ends on a high note as I turn them over to Mom or Dad for birthday cake!

      Is this only for older children?

Not at all.  If they’re interested, I’m there, no matter what the age!

I present each show at an age-apprpriate level and it doesn’t matter to me if they’re kindergarteners or middle-schoolers.  I’m flexible and I modify the show to work with any age group.

For pre-readers, parents can read the Science Sheet aloud to them at home and then do the experiments together.  It’s just another good way to bond with your young scientist.

With over thirty years of experience in entertaining children of all ages, I know what to do to make each show just right for the group.

Oh, and while other entertainers may say, “Forget it,” a mixed-age crowd is never a problem for me!

      Is this like a science class?

I think they’d love a science class like this but, no, they won’t have to take notes and there is no quiz.  I just want them to see how cool science can be!

A birthday party will have children with a wide range of interests.  I understand and respect the fact that not everyone will have the same level of interest in the world of science.

But that doesn’t mean it won’t be fun for everyone!  I’ll be showing them things that are strange, unusual, and interesting for all, parents included.

And I’ll be doing it with a lot of laughs and a lot of helpers from the audience!

      Do you go to schools, too?

I do come to elementary schools for certain events but not for whole-school assembly programs.  There are many worthy programs out there for that but my focus is different.

I’ve designed this program for small groups of ten to fifty (or so) where everyone can see and hear from sitting on the floor out front (I bring my own portable amplifier for larger groups over twenty-five.)

Child care centers, who have school-age students, are a great group and I have a special show just for preschoolers!  Nothing is scary and everything is fun.

For elementary schools, I offer after-school enrichment programs as a one-time visit or up to six or eight weekly visits.  With longer sessions, we can expand each topic to a full hour and explore several other areas of science, too.

My days are limited for after-school programs so please call early for more details and availability.

      Is it expensive?

If you’ve searched for birthday party entertainers before, you probably found that almost no one lists their rates.  That’s usually because they’re afraid someone is going to want a 400-student school show for the 12-guest birthday rate.

I give you more credit than that.

I’ve designed my program to make it easy to carry in and set up.  This allows me to keep my fees reasonable for in-home parties.

The base rate for my 50 minute program is just $250 within a generous 50 mile circle around zip code 06750.  That includes all the handouts and giveaways I leave with the boys and girls.

I go far outside that circle that several times every week, covering most of Western Connecticut, Dutchess and Putnam counties, and down to lower Westchester.  (Sorry, I’m not set up to go to NYC.)

Let me know where you are and I’ll let you know if there’s a travel fee.  If I have another show in the general area that same day, there are no travel fees at all!

      How soon should I call to reserve a date?

Six to eight weeks ahead is good if you really need a certain date and time.  If you’re flexible, a few weeks before is usually fine. Give me a call when you can and we’ll take it from there.

You see, I really mean it when I say you’ll get no pressure from me.  You may get pressure from your calendar if your birthday party date is quickly approaching, but not from me.   🙂

Now, please keep in mind that a last-minute call is always worth a try!  I’ve had calls for an upcoming weekend (and even the next day!) that have worked out.  A lot of times I’m already booked but you never know until you try.

      What should I do next?

Give me a call (my number’s below) and we can talk about your party and your young scientist’s interests.  If you’d prefer email, click Contact Me and we’ll go from there.  Thanks!

– Call 860-868-2542 for more details –