The Show

– About The Show –
An Exciting Demonstration of Science That’s Both Fun and Interactive!
My show has five parts to keep interest and excitement high. Each topic is so different from the one before that it re-sets their attention span and we have no trouble going the full 50 minutes.What exactly do we do? We mix cool science with a lot of fun and laughter while covering these topics:

Science Birthday PartyLightning in your living room!

Don’t worry, it’s totally harmless static electricity.  We talk about what it is, show how to make it in several ways, and see what we can do with it.  Then we get to see it in action with a Wimshurst Machine!

Birthday Science PartyGravity… not just a good idea, it’s the law!

Surprising things still happen with something we think we know well.  Balance and motion, kinetic and potential energy…  unusual terms? Kids love new terms!

Sound travels on stringThe science of sound!

We’re surrounded by sound and hardly ever think about it.  Here, we’ll do a lot more than just think about it!  We’ll see how it works and how it travels. But I don’t think I can do it by myself, so I might need a helper… or two!

Science Shows WestchesterAttractive? Repulsive? Magnets are both!

Science fiction talks about force fields all the time.  Bring two magnets together and you’ll feel a real invisible force field!  Everyone gets to do just that and much more.

Air pressure experimentsThe power of our invisible air

You feel the wind because it has power!  How much power?  That’s what we’ll see in this part of the show.  Keep your eyes open, you won’t want to miss the unexpected, and cool, things we’ll do!

Does this sound good?

If you think your young scientist might enjoy a show like this at their next party, please contact me and we’ll go from there.  No pressure ever and that’s a promise!